Andrew on Typology with Ian Morgan Cron

I’m a big fan of the Enneagram. And so was very pleased to be a guest on my friend (and wonderful author) Ian Morgan Cron‘s popular podcast, Typology — a podcast about the Enneagram, that peskily-popular personality test that identifies us as a number between 1 and 9 in an effort to help us become more aware of ourselves and others, and so healthier. The whole number thing sounds like a human lottery, but it sure is helpful. I’m a “2.” IE. A people pleaser. So I hope this podcast pleases you to the utmost.

Listen to Andrew’s episode of Typology here – “EP 31: Here, Hold My Beer”.

Enneagram Podcast with Ian Morgan Cron

My good friend Cindy Morgan and I were thrilled to join friends, authors and Enneagram experts Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile on their insightful and charming “Road Back To You” podcast.  Listen to it here OR subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

“Do you ever wonder how the Enneagram can help in your relationship with another person?

Maybe you work with someone who is on the opposite side of the personality spectrum, and you have a hard time connecting or relating to them.

Well, this week’s podcast should be very helpful for you!

Ian and Suzanne interview Cindy Morgan (Enneagram 4) and Andrew Greer (Enneagram 2); two of Nashville’s finest singer/songwriters who write, tour and sing together.

While they are both in the heart/feeling triad, Cindy, as an Enneagram 4 tends to focus inward while Andrew, an Enneagram 2, directs all his energy toward others. In their delightful conversation, you will begin to see how their two orientations help strengthen their bond and make them the incredibly creative and productive duo that they are today.

And if that wasn’t enough, they will perform two songs, live in The Road Back To You studio.”

ETCH with Ellie Holcomb + Andrew Peterson

Honored to host the delightful Ellie Holcomb and my friend Andrew Peterson for a special Music City concert event at the 2016 ETCH Conference, Tuesday night October 4 at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

For more information, visit:


THE SIMPLE LIFE TOUR with Wayne Watson

Very excited to share: I am hitting the road this year with the legend that is Wayne Watson for THE SIMPLE LIFE TOUR!

With a gaggle of Dove Awards, Grammy nominations and legendary hits, Wayne is one of the finest singer-songwriters around. Each evening we will join together to collaborate in an evening of stories and acoustic songs – featuring Wayne’s hits and new tunes, my folk-styled hymns and non-hits, plus an opportunity for your local choirs and singers to join us for the night!

THE SIMPLE LIFE TOUR is now booking dates for Summer and Fall 2016.  We would love to come your way and meet you (and sing with your choir!).  Interested in more information?  Simply email our good friend, Danya:

Wayne and I hope to see you on the road later this year!

Wayne Watson - Andrew Greer - Simple Life Tour